Saturday, March 5, 2011

Greetings from Kaduna Nigeria

Hello to all.

I am just sending a short blog because of the limited internet connection I have.  I am behind in posting to my blog and I apologize for that....the access to computers to download pictures and post is very limited.  I tried desperately in Nairobi, Kenya; but after 2 hours of work I had to give up.  I am trying now to download photos from St. Joseph Hostel in Songea, Tanzania. I am at a cyber office but the electricity went out so now they are using a generator to keep us connected.

Briefly my week in Kenya with the the awareness mission week of the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging was such an eye opener.  I left Kenya with a new perspective of what one person can do to help someone.  I met my sponsored child, Jaysie and her mother.  It was heart warming to know so little of a donation can go so far to bring a brighter future to a child, aged and their families.

I am having a wonderful stay with Sr. Rita in Kaduna, Nigeria.  I arrived on Wednesday late afternoon.  A special addition was having Sr. Jemma (from western Kansas) and Sr. Roberta (from Ohio) who are in Ohio at the Dominican "headquartes" visiting Nigeria.  They will be leaving for the USA later today.  Sr. Rita and her staff are doing marvelous work here.  I will write a blog later with details on the CFCA Mission Awareness Week in Kenya  and my present week at the  Hope for the Village Child mission.

I will journey to Ghana later in the week.  Hopefully I can do some blog posting this week.

I appreciate those of you for blogging and emailing me.  It is good to hear from you.