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You'll be traveling with Diane from the USA to Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana.

Diane leaves Wichita on Tuesday, January 11th at 7:18 AM. She will arrive in Kilimanjaro Airport on Tuesday, January 12th at 23:00 (11:00PM).  Her flight itinerary will take her from Wichita to Chicago, Chicago to Philadelphia, Philadelphia to Zurich, Switzerland, Zurich to Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi to Kilimanjaro.   Total flight hours 23 hrs; total travel time approximately 30 hours. Diane will change planes at every stop.She will buy a Visa for Kenya at the Nairobi Airport and a Visa for Tanzania at the Kilimanjaro airport..  She will go through customs at Nairobi airport and Kilimanjaro airport.   To learn about the distance and route she will be traveling as well as the stops along the way, just click on to the web site below.  See you in Kilimanjaro soon.  

Diane's climbing partner from Wichita, Bob Liebl has a different flight itinerary.  He will leave Wichita on Tuesday, January 11th at 1:00 PM.  He arrives at the Kilimanjaro Airport approximately at 9:30 pm on January 12th.  His flight itinerary will take him from Wichita to Atlanta, Atlanta to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro. His flight time is approximately 19.5 hours.We will meet at the Kilimanjaro airport and then travel by car (some one will pick us up) to Arusha where we will be staying until we begin the climb on January 16th.