The African Missions

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The following missions will directly benefit from the Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb:

Adorers of the Blood of Christ Mission
The mission in Manyoni, Tanzania educates young women from towns and villages with no high schools.  Donations will provide books, school and teaching supplies, chalkboards and desks, toilets and a roof for the dormitories.

Christian Foundation for Children & Aging
Nairobi, Kenya.  This organization provides education and nutrition for children and the elderly in Africa. You can make a direct donation or sponsor a child.   Diane will meet Jaysie, the girl, she sponsors in Nairobi.

Congregation of St. Joseph Sisters Mission
The St. Joseph Hostel in Songea, Tanzania is a school for girls from rural areas.  They need student and school supplies, teaching materials, a computer and desks.

Dominican Sisters of Peace, 
Sr. Rita, Director, Hope for the Village Child Mission in Kaduna, Nigeria,  The mission aims to fight rickets and polio, and to teach women how to earn an income through starting their own small business.

Sisters of Charity, BVM Mission for the Library and Literacy Center
Donations to the BVM Mission in Kumasi, Ghana will go to build bookcases, provide library tables and pay for the salary of a local Ghana librarian.