Charity Climb Contributors

Attitude of Gratitude
To all my Mt. Kilimanjaro contributors, THANK YOU for your financial support to the 5 African missions.  This thank you is also from the thousands of children of Africa who will receive the benefits of your generous donation.  I would be remiss in not acknowledging you.  It has been said, "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."   I am grateful to each and everyone of you!!!

Going to the Top with Donations for the 5 Missions

Charity Climb Contributors: 
$5 +
Joann Ryan                                                                    
Roberta Babb
William (Bill) Baker
Bill Keast
Mary Ginns
John Traffas
Dolores (Dee) Coady
Susan and Art Herndon
Judith Branine
Lorrie LaBauve
Dan and Kim Hoang
Victor Balderas
Paul and Marie Kustermann
Janet Kinsley
Leonard and Mary Manning
Lorraine Madway
Al Schmidt
Donald and Kathleen Focke
Susan Buehne Keithley
Aquarius Greenbelt
Sister Nancy Kuntz
Paul Babich
Chuck and Margi Grimwood
Phyllis Davis
Pauline Irsik
Jerry Reichenberger
Gayle Martin
Christine Damilini
Francis Hilger
John and Susan Browne
Jack and Margaret Jones
Thomas and Kellye Sommer
Merle and Mary Manlove
Lawerence and Joan Kanngiesser
Alan and Cathy Lewis
Marilyn Sauer
Alice Henning
Merlin and Deborah Wheeler
Georgia and Virginia White
Kenneth and Paula Ewertz
Daniel T. Barber
Steven Jensby
Jerri Garland
Patrick and Jacquelyn Burns
Consuelo (Connie) Dean
Rebecca Harmon
Ted and Mona Lewis
Rodney Klausmeyer
Joseph and Virgina Stump
Janet Miller and Nile Dillmore
Mary Tomlinson
Joe and Mary Bruggeman
William Lewis
Jay and Suzanne Schaper
Richard and Darinda Gerber
John Mavec
Sophie Lyday
Robert and Vilma Laughlin
George and Karen Hudson
Thomas and Irene Sanders
Delores Schmitz
Ruth Holliday
Richard and Jean Kimminau
Dwayne Ray
Richard Laptad
Corey and Annie Cress
Gary Wilkerson
Betty and Art Ferris
Clarice and Duane Hanna
Edward and Jackie Bruski
Robert Kimminau
Don and Robie Hill
Raymond Kimminau
Lennes Rankin
Marie Taylor
Sr. Victorine Buser
John (Jack) Molitor
Helen Youngers
Donald Weisner

$100 +
Ann Marie and Michael Phipps
Phyllis and Bob Randle
Gary and Doris Unruh
Larry and Jan Penka
Tom and Chris Brown
Bud and Connie Oak
Beulah Graber
Mary Korsak-Harris
Pauline S. Griffith
James David and Joyce Rush
Eleanor Williamson
Dennis and Tami Gates
Mike and Marsha Strothman
Marilyn and Randall Wells
Kathy and Matt Dalton
Richard and Angela Molitor
Linda Miles
Maureen Robson
Mike and Sara Poss
Jeanette and Dennis Vierthaler
David Macindoe
Janet Mary Miller

$250 +
Robert (Bob) Liebl
Frank and Joyce Vestering
Larry Friend

$500 +
Kay Irsik 
Molitor Angus Ranch
Andale Ready Mix

$1000 +
Clem and Patty Ast
Jan Molitor - Molitor Oil, Inc.
Steve Irsik

$2,500 +
Alexandria Country Day School
Craig and Joan Plassmeyer

Send Off Diane to Mt. Kilimanjaro
Publish Page
Christmas Gatherings at Diane’s home on Sunday Dec. 12th and Sunday Dec. 19th.

Family, Friends, Cathedral friends and neighbors came to join in on the festive Christmas Gatherings. A delicious buffet with fresh foods and a homemade dessert bar was enjoyed by the guests with wine and punch being served. To add to the joyous event, professional Wichita musicians provided their musical talents as an in-kind-donation for the Charity Climb; Juan -Carlos Salmeron, Gino and Martina Salerno and Craig Steward. What a blessing of talents!!Many people pitched in with their hands and hearts to make the Gatherings fun and filled with the joy of Christmas. I’d like to acknowledge the “elves” who made it possible in no order of preference; Rosa’s and Roses, Leonard Manning, Geri Garland, Phyllis Davis, Hillside Nursery, Sophie Lyday, Kathryn Ewertz, Davis Liquor, Mona and Ted Lewis, Bob Liebl, Doris and Gary Unruth, Sheryl Gulick, Tina Rogers, Jims Redwood Cedar Designs, Susan Herndon, June Thome, Lorrie LaBauve, Gayle Martin and John Clark, Central Forms and Printing, Cindy Molitor, John Groh, Joann Ryan and AHA! Services (Patty Crupper).

Events like these Christmas Gatherings happen because many people contribute their time and talent. I thank you for yourn generosity and time! Last but not least, a big thank you to my guests for coming and giving me such a warm send off.!!! It will carry me on to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. See you at the top!