Schools Explore Africa

Mt. Kilimanjaro (Mt. Kili) (19,340) ft.

Whether you are student, a school organization, a classroom of students, a teacher or an entire school,  you can join Diane on an exploration of Africa.  You can follow along as a virtual companion and cheer her on as she scales Mt. Kili and travels throughout Africa. You can also participate in raising funds for African children and see your school name on the "roof top" of Africa. Imagine that!!!

Take a virtual tour of Africa with Diane as she leaves the USA on January 11, 2011 on a 23-hour flight to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

On January 16th she will begin the 7 day climb to scale the snows of Kilimanjaro. It is the highest free standing mountain in the world (19,340) ft.   After the climb,  go with Diane on an African Safari in the Serengeti seeing zebras, elephants, giraffes, lions just to name some of the wild animals in the Serengeti. Ride in a hot air balloon taking photos of herds of animals.

Be Diane's travel companion on her two month odyssey in Africa visiting all five Charity Climb Missions while covering over 4,000 miles.  Sit next to her "in spirit" as she travels by bus, car, train and planes to Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana. She will be embarking on this adventure alone, but she knows by "blogspot",  virtually thousands will be her companion.

Diane invites all students from K-16 to be her virtual companion.

Positive outcomes for students who participate are:
  • Learn first hand about the geography of Africa
  • Gain knowledge of the cultural differences of countries of Africa
  • Meet and share school experiences, how we are alike and how we are different
  • Practice stewardship by using your time, talent and treasure to help others in need
  • Witness how eco-friendly products and systems work in the third world country
  • Opportunity to build a long lasting relationship with a school or mission in Africa
  • Become email and Skype pals
  • Discover how purpose, persistence and determination can overcome the impossible
How to participate:  
  • Follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Diane’s blog at 
  • Raise funds for the missions:  choose one or all of the 5 mission(s)
Your fundraising donations will be used primarily on needs of African children for education, nutrition and health care.  Your donation gift doesn't just send a child to school merely to sit in a classroom. It helps them grow and become teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, business owners, and professionals of all types.  They will become leaders that will help change their corner of the world. They need your help now to do that.

The 5 African Missions

  • Adorers of the Blood of Christ,
    Manyoni, Tanzania

    Christian Foundation for Children & Aging, Nairobi, Kenya

    Congregation of St. Joseph Sisters, Songea,Tanzania

    Dominican Sisters, Kaduna, Nigeria

    Sisters of Charity, BVM, Kumasi, Ghana

  • Bonus:  Have Your School Name on a Banner taken to the summit of Mt. Kili and more….Diane will print the school name on a 2’X3’ banner for the top division fundraising school.  The banner will travel over 4,000 miles to the snows of Mt. Kili, on safari and to the 5 Missions. Photos of the banner will be taken at those locations and emailed directly from Africa.

    School Divisions
    Swahili DivisionMaasai DivisionAshanti Division
    Grades: K-8, 4-6, 7-9 Grades: 9-12, 10-12 2 /4year colleges

    Deadline for Bonus: January 6, 2011   Donations/pledges (amount) must be emailed to no later than midnight January 6, 2011 to qualify for the bonus.  The winners for each division will be announced on January 7, 2011 on the blog.

    Donations: Make your check/money order payable to the organization/mission(s) of your choice.

    Mail all monies collected to Diane Molitor Palmer, Mt, Kilimanjaro Charity Climb, PO Box 543, Wichita, KS 67201 no later than January 15, 2011  Any donations after the deadline date of March 31, 2011 will be gratefully accepted.

    How to Get Started:  Email your school name, address, phone number, and your website.  Indicate the teacher(s)/student(s) who are mentoring the fundraising and your school division: Swahili, Maasai or Ashanti.  Email a group picture of the students who are participating in the fundraising.  We will feature the schools on our blog. 

    Any questions just email Diane

    Creative Fundraising Ideas
    Share your creative fundraising ideas on Twitter and on the blog. 

      Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. 
    1. School “Garage Sale” recycle and raise money for the children of Africa.  Look for items that you are not using but another student might want.  Remember what is one person’s junk is another’s treasure. Set a date, get the word out to all the students and have fun organizing the fundraiser.
    2. On your Birthday Gift list of “Wants” take one off and in its place put  GIFT OF LOVE… A GIFT DONATION TO A CHILD IN AFRICA
    3. 101 Fundraising Ideas