Gearing Up to Climb

15 Week Training Program
Diane began her 15 week training program in September.  She'll train until Christmas then keep a modest exercise routine until she leaves for Mt. Kili on January 11, 2011.

Diane is not a climber or athlete but loves to challenge herself. Three years ago she decided to do a 109-mile bike ride for charity. At the time, her bike riding experience consisted of leisurely rides around her Riverside neighborhood. Her sixty-fifth birthday prompted her to do something 'extreme'. She was planning a trip to Africa anyway and what could be more extreme than climbing one of the highest mountains in the world?

Taking the benches at WSU
Hiking on a 1800 acre ranch in Kansas
She started a 6 day a week training regimen consisting of two days at Wichita State University Cessna Stadium walking up and down the 145 stair steps followed by several miles on their track. Diane’s personal best is 14,500 stadium stair steps per training session, which is the equivalent of stair stepping a 906 story building. The Statue of Liberty is 354 steps from base to crown (22 stories). She also includes walking/jogging  3 to 5 miles around the track in the training session. The other days of the week Diane works out at the YMCA and hikes on prairie land with bluffs and cliffs near Medicine Lodge. “This training program is a big challenge, but nothing like the challenges African children face everyday,” says Diane. “That is why I am doing the Charity Climb.”
YMCA Muscle Pump & Ab Class (Central Branch)
Walking/Jogging Track at WSU

Suggested Gear List by outfitter  Mountain-
Vision Expeditions

*Note: Your mountain duffel will be limited to 35 lbs. Pack wisely!
  • Day Pack
    (Mountain Hardwear Sortie)
    1,500-3,000 c.i. Remember that Porters are carrying most of the weight.
    3 liter water bladder should fit inside. Consider an extra bladder in case one breaks.
  • Sleeping Bag
    (Down- Mountain Hardwear Cloud Rest)
    (Synthetic- Mountain Hardwear Switch)
    You will have to choose between Down or Synthetic. There are pros and cons with both. Rated at least 10 degrees F. It will get cold overnight as we get closer to our high camp.
  • Duffel Bags
    (Mountain Hardwear Large Expedition Duffel)
    Large expedition size duffel. Made from either sturdy vinyl or canvass. This is the bag that will be carried on the trek with all of your gear that is not on your back. It must be sturdy and water resistant. *Also have 1 other less sturdy duffel to leave street clothes at hotel while on trek.
  • Sleeping Pads Inflatable/Closed cell combo
    Inflatable (Inflatable-Therm-a-Rest Prolite)
    Closed cell combo  (Closed Cell- Z-Lite)
    We recommend both inflatable and foam pad combination (one of each).
  • Boots 
    lightweight hikers or cross trainers (La Sportiva Zodiak)
    sturdier hiking boots (La Sportiva Thunder GTX). Make sure they are broke in and can accomodate your expedition weight socks.
  • Warm Hat
    (Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon)
  • Sunglasses
    (Costa Del Mar Frigate)
    A second spare pair strongly recommended
  • Trekking Poles
    Optional, but recommended
  • Glove and Mitten Combo
    1 pair of liners (Mountain Hardwear Powerstretch)
    1 pair of windstoppers (Mountain Hardwear Gravity)
    1 pair of heavy gloves/mittens (Mountain Hardwear Elevation)
  • Weatherproof Pants
    (Mountain Hardwear Typhoon)
  • Weatherproof Jacket 
    (Mountain Hardwear Typhoon)
  • Pile Jacket
    (Mountain Hardwear Windstopper Tech Jacket)
  • Insulated Jacket
    (Mountain Hardwear Subzero)
  • Cotton/Linen long sleeved shirt
  • Lightweight Trekking Pant
    2 pairs (Mountain Hardwear Convertible Pack Pant)
    Convertible pant/short are the best.
    It is culturally insensitive for women to wear shorts in some parts of Africa. Either long trekking pants or a long skirt and leggings when it is cold.
  • And much more..  "Yikes, I couldn't believe the list" lamented,Diane. 
  • See complete gear list!
    For cold nights and summit, down parka and hat
    Coleman's Lollygag Backpack, 32oz Aluminum Bottles - How does this work?

    Thanks Gander Mtn., boots,socks and more.... 
    Coleman's Self inflating pad