Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diane's Climbing Partner

Diane Molitor Palmer and Robert (Bob) Liebl will challenge the highest mountain in Africa (19,340ft.) together as climbing partners on January 16, 2011. Diane and Bob met through an article witten by sports writer, Bob Lutz, of the Wichita Eagle on September 10, 2010, Wichita’s quest for adventure spans the globe…..

Hiking the hills on 12/30/2010
Bob who is a 71 years old and fit has always liked adventure.  He has a life long passion for fishing, hunting, backpacking and anything that has to do with the outdoors.  Bob and Diane both grew up in Kingman County about nine miles from each other but their paths never crossed until now.  Bob read the article in the Eagle and it intrigued him who this woman might possibly be?  So he called her and the journey began.  Bob already had a fishing trip confirmed to Brazil, to fish in the Amazon for peacock bass.  Unfortunately, the dates of the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb and the Amazon fishing trip collided. Diane finding a climbing partner seemed to have struck out, so she would go it alone.

Final training days at Cessna Stadium 1/03/2011
A couple weeks after the phone call, Bob decided to meet Diane at Cessna Stadium and get some exercise.  Hence, he began doing some of the training routines at Cessna Stadium stepping the stairs and benches, walking the track.  This went on for two months. On Monday, December 20 on a routine training session at Cessna stadium, Bob decided that this would be a once in a lifetime experience to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on Safari in the Sergenti that probably wouldn‘t come along again.  Moreover, he already had gone to the Amazon to fish several years ago, so the trip to the Amazon was cancelled. And Africa was on the itinerary.   After the climb and safari, Bob will head back to Wichita.  Diane will continue to travel in Africa until April 1st to visit and volunteer at each of the 5 missions she is raising funds for.


  1. What an AMAZING adventure! Be Safe!
    Love you Uncle Bob ~ Michelle

  2. I just tried to send a comment on your blog and could not. At the bottom you need to choose a preference and each one I chose I needed an account (which I do not do). Here is what I wanted to say:

    I am so proud of you. Not only is your dream to climb Mt Kilimanjaro becoming a reality, your huge heart is reaching to others in need in another part of the world. Your other major training accomplishment (109 mile bike race) raised money for charity too (Leukemia Foundation). You never stop thinking of others and how you can be of help. I will be with you in spirit. Your angel will be by your side on your climb and journey to the missions, Have a safe and memorable journey.
    Your Friend,

  3. Diane,
    I saw you on TV this Noon on your short interview. GO DIANE, GO1!
    I pray blessings on you all the way. I know soon you will set off because Jan 16 you start the climb for 6 days. I will hold you both in prayers. I understand you have a partner to travel with. I heard you say that you started to plan this 2 years ago. What an experience. The pictures of the Mountain and the elephant were beautiful. Enjoy the Sarifi. I also just loved the movie Out of Africa. You heart will be overflowing with experience. However, I know the climb will not be easy. Only do what you can . Peace, "Climb the Mountain, visit all the missions and our Nigerian Sisters and bring us word back about their now ministry and needs. Sister Nancy Jane Kuntz OP-Dominican Sisters of Peace/ Millwood, KS.


  4. Diane,

    You and Bob are in my prayers daily. I'm still so amazed by it all. Students are constantly asking me about your progress. They are very interested. Enjoyed your comment about the school that you visited. In our recent Country Day School Geography Bee, the winning 5th grader answered his question correctly. The answer: Mt. Kilimanjaro! He's on to the next level of competition now, and so are you!!
    Best of everything,